Every set of braces, aligners or retainers is specially designed for each patient to ensure proper fit. Even so, the newness will often result in a adjustment period. If you have difficulty speaking, speak slowly, until your tongue becomes accustomed to the addition.

Soreness and discomfort can occur when orthodontic treatment first begins. Muscle and tooth soreness can last for 24-48 hours. During any sore periods of time, a soft diet, with food cut into small bites can help alleviate pain. White wax is available to pinch off and place on a sharp arch wire, bracket or band and will protect the irritated cheek or gum tissue. For serious pain and discomfort, call our office immediately to ask any questions or schedule an appointment.


1- You may experience some pressure and discomfort on your teeth.

2- Be gentle with braces and avoid chewing hard and/or sticky food.

3- Brushing and flossing around braces is sometimes challenging and time consuming, but very important.

4- Call our office if you have any questions.