dr-smallAt Clarity Orthodontics, we welcome patients of all ages! Contact us today to schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation to see if braces or Invisalign® aligners, are right for you! Dr. Shamlian is a Board Certified Orthodontist and has the knowledge and expertise to treat your case to the highest standard of care.

Choosing an orthodontic practice to trust with the beauty of your smile or your child’s smile is an important decision. Orthodontic treatment takes time, so you’ll want to make sure you and your child are comfortable with the orthodontist and the orthodontic team. An orthodontist is a dentist who has completed two to three additional years of full-time residency at a university after dental school. An orthodontist limits their practice only to straightening teeth and correcting jaw position problems. If your doctor generally does fillings, teeth cleanings or cosmetic dentistry, they are not an orthodontist. Before you set up a consultation with an orthodontist, make sure he or she is a licensed member of the American Association of Orthodontists and a Board Certified Orthodontist.

Wouldn’t you want to be treated by the top 2% of practitioners  nationwide who provide orthodontics? Learn more below!

  • To become a dentist a person has to complete a 3-4 year program at a US accredited dental school, receive their DDS or DMD (Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine) and pass the 2 national dental board examinations.
  • To practice dentistry in a particular state, one has to then either pass a rigorous clinical licensing examination or complete a year-long general practice dental residency.
  • Then to become a dental specialist in one of the 10 recognized dental specialties one must complete post-graduate training.
    • About 20% of dentists continue training to become dental specialists.
  • Only 5 % of dentists are accepted into the competitive specialty of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
    • Orthodontists understand the complexity of growth development and facial form. Many dentists offer orthodontic treatment plans, but they have not been trained or educated in the area.
  • A Board Certified Orthodontist is an orthodontist who has voluntarily gone through hundreds of additional hours of preparation to demonstrate their judgment, skills and knowledge required for providing the highest level of patient care.   They have achieved board certification through the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and in affiliation with the American Association of Orthodontists. Board certified orthodontists must re-new their certification every 10 years to demonstrate their continuous commitment to excellence.
  • Only 1/3 of orthodontists have successfully completed the board certification process.
  • Wouldn’t you want to be treated by the top 2% of practitioners who provide orthodontics?

Orthodontists have different treatment styles and may offer specific orthodontic treatment options or products that others may not. During your consultation, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to listen to your concerns, understand your expectations and clearly communicate our recommendations for the treatment that is best for you. The more informed you are about your own dental health, the better decisions you will be able to make. Your orthodontic experience is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so make sure it’s something to smile about!

At Clarity Orthodontics, we believe in clear communication. Treatment fees will be clearly explained as will the types of insurance our office accepts, our in-office payment plans and third party financing options.