You’ve already decided that you want straighter teeth, and you’re wondering if there is a better, truly invisible way. The answer is INBRACE.


Completely convenient, unlike plastic aligners, there is nothing to remove for every meal, every cup of coffee, every snack, important meeting, or night out with your friends


INBRACE Smartwires let you brush and floss normally while GentleForce technology moves your teeth following the principles of the gold standard in orthodontics


With nothing to see, there is nothing to feel self-conscious about with INBRACE. Chase your dreams confidently, INBRACE is behind you every step of the way

Advanced technology that fits in the palm of your hand.

Gentleforce Technology

Advanced computer modelling and AI algorithms are combined to determine the shortest path for each tooth from where it is today, to its position in your new smile. By moving teeth efficiently, INBRACE does not apply nearly as much force as traditional braces or aligners to move teeth. Gentleforce technology = healthy tooth movement.

INBRACE Smartwires

INBRACE introduces a paradigm shift from traditional braces (aka the edgewise appliance). Each Smartwire loop is computer designed in three dimensions using GentleForce technology for optimal tooth movement. Patients love that they can brush and floss normally while their smile appears right before their eyes.

Slim Fit Ligation System

With our patented slim fit bracket system our Smartwires are ligated in each bracket with a novel locking loop design and with no sliding it is truly friction free. This elegantly designed innovation allows INBRACE to create a low profile bracket that delivers torque with a round wire – an orthodontic first.